Monday, October 22, 2007

* Certified are getting paid less!

I found a small article written by Tessa Parmenter. She noted that his week, Foote Partners LLC released a study revealing unbelievable information: the average premium pay for uncertified workers INCREASED over those who are certified. They have seen the average premium pay for uncertified workers increase 8% and decrease 2.3% for certified engineers in the past year.

What can I say? Certainly, there are some exclusions (CCIE, CISSP, J2EE...) but every rope has the end! Read my previous posting about certifications in details.


Mike Scott said...

I had heard someone from that group on a Search Security podcast, and I thought it was kind of strange. The Redmond Salary Survey that I posted about says that pay for certifications are up, and that pay in IT is up overall.

I don't know how far in Microsoft's Pocket Redmond Magazine is, and I can't say that I have noticed a trend one way or the other, but it is strange that the two groups contradict each other.

Have you noticed one way or the other?

BTW, the URL to the IT Knowledge Exchange was cut off.

cyberteacher said...

Mike, thanks for your comments! The URL is fine, just copy/paste it to your browser.
I agree with you that depending on who pays, the published information about the certs will be different in each case. It is still an industry with own politics...