Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am sick of Twitter, are you?

I have already mentioned at various forums that the online programs like Twitter, Facebook, etc were created to make money for those who introduced and marketed them. There is nothing wrong with it but how many similar web sites do we really need? There are several new applications AROUND the Twitter. Every one of them wants you to subscribe and login and multiple the number of users. Why? To sell the web site later! Who are those time-wasters beyond teenagers? You and me, and millions of others.

Imagine that there were no Twitter and similar web sites that grow like mushrooms after rain.
Would you really miss it? Maybe 5% of all Twitters would honestly say yes, but the majority including myself simply would not care.
People stopped to socialize personally. They use Facebook, MySpace, Craigslist, Twitter, Delicious, ...
I have counted more than 150 web sites, so far! There are probably more not listed on Wiki. Instead of meeting people personally, we are texting like crazy - everyone is super-busy to even look around - texting, texting, texting...
This is worse than swine flu. Maybe it is another, more crazy form of forgotten Usenet? I would call most of those web site social time-wasters. There are not so many that are truly useful.

I hope some day people will realize that it must be limited, and the identity theft that is a result of social networking can be stopped if people will stop posting full biography and personal data on the web sites and also will be more careful about infected web pages on social networking web sites that became simple target for malware creators/distributors.

Are you aware of the fact that there are many new social networking sites dedicated to hate, racism, anti-antisemitism, recruitment of Muslims for who knows what, hacking, and similar?
While we cannot simply stop it, we have to be at least aware of what's going on. Instead of endless texting just step aside and think for a moment about what's going with all of this craziness. Is it really useful for your life? Can you live without typing?!

There will be some folks that might disagree with me. OK, what's your take on it?