Friday, January 18, 2008

Create complex passwords that are easy to remember

I just have reviewed the following article from TechRepublic:
"Help users create complex passwords that are easy to remember"
Date: January 16th, 2008
Author: Mike Mullins
While I agree with an author that adding the characters to your favorite password is a good way to straighten it, the password like L0u!$ville is not an easy thing to type and to memorize. There were numerous discussions on how to straighten the password to make it less “breakable“ by the brute force software including usage of a “new kid on the block” – image passwords.

I personally use the password system that is more bullet proof against the brute force and at the same time is easy to remember. I use the long phrases.

Well, it quite easy. Let’s say you like the password badboy99. To transform it to the long password, let’s type something like ialwaysabadboy99. The 16-character password is twice as stronger as 8-character password above. You can make it even stronger if to type: IAlwaysaBadBoy99

Some of the systems accept the space a password character, then you can type a regular phrase like this: Never Drink and Drive!99.

Isn't it better?