Friday, September 21, 2007

* "Thank You" letter for your Friday enjoyment

Thanks to my son who send me this "jewel" of a "Thank You" letter. I feel that I need to share it with you for a good Friday laugh. He interviwed the guy for a LAN Admin position. On the question what's the difference between the HUB and the SWITCH. He answered: "Hub is just a hub, and the switch it's like a car with a green and red light..." Well, below is a copy of his "Thank You" letter receved just next day over e-mail. I did not correct anything... Njoy! :-)

Dear Mr. YYYYY,

It was very enjoyable to speak with you and your team about the LAN Administrator position at Department of Labor. I think I was too nervous for some technical questions that you and you team asked me such as: how can you joint your server to the domain? The answer should be: go to command prompt then type: DCPROMO then server name. Another question you asked me what if user are not able to see your server? The correct answer should be at the logging window right click on the check box below your user ID change it to the correct server. Then what is the maximum speed of the switch? The correct answer should be 1000 Mbps. I know I get lost this morning from place to place. However, I know that I should have done a better job than what I did this morning. I also know that I am out of your consider about the job you want to hire that's fine with me. I just want to tell you that my brain was shut down this morning (I need a cup of café in the morning) those questions are within my knowledge, and I did do it well. If I have another change I would have done a lot better job.
I appreciate the time you took to interview me; I am very interested in working for you and looking for ward to hearing from you about the second Interview.

Sincerely Yours,