Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stop certification test leaks! Saga continues..

Those who have been reading my article about certification exam cheaters ( remember that Microsoft sued the for undermining their exams with stolen exam questions turned into huge profit.
Guess what? The saga continues. While being browsing the web for exam materials, I have found the links to the transcender[dot]me web site. Since several vendors resell the Transcender exam simulations where you can download discounted exams from the Transcender web site directly, the named web site has a different approach by flooding the Internet with their cheap imitations of exam questions UNDER TRANSCENDER TRADEMARK(!).When you look at the list of their sponsors, it's easy to see that the sponsors are so-called "dump" web sites where the real exam questions are being "dumped" through the blogs. There is a fierce fight against the sites like this but apparently the fight is not over.

Be aware of cheap imitations! Boycott the "dump" web sites that destroy the value of any certification since the exam becomes just a matter of downloading stolen questions and having the set of ready-to-use answers. No doubts, the companies who are looking for certified professionals will pay less attention on those certifications (even if you were not using the "dump" web sites) because the passed exam might not reflect the level of your expertise.

It is a matter of pride of all IT professionals (who learned hard and spent time and money to certify their knowledge) to fight with cheap imitators. Spread the news about cheaters!